Frequently Asked Questions


New Years Day,  Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day

If your scheduled pickup day falls ON or AFTER a holiday, your pickup will be ONE day delayed for that week (Friday customers will be picked up Saturday)


Q:  Why did my trash pickup service stop?

A:  If payment is not received by the 21st day of each month, our system automatically places a stop on service along with a late fee of $5.00.


Q:  How often can I put out bulk items for removal?

A:  You are permitted 1 free bulk pickup per month with residential service. Ex: A piece of furniture or bags of household materials. You must call our office prior to your pick-up day to request bulk pickup, or the items will not be picked up.


Q:  What items are not permitted in the free bulk pickup?

A:  We will not pick up asbestos, batteries, computers, TV's, dead animals, paint cans (unless completely dried out), fluorescent bulbs, tires, hazardous waste, appliances with CFC's.


Q:  Can I schedule trash pick-up for every other week?

A:  Residential is serviced every week. You can choose to not place trash out, but the billing will remain the same.


Q:  Are there any hidden fees?

A:  The only fees that will ever be applied are a late fee of $5.00 if your account is paid after the 21st day of each month, a processing fee of $3.00 when making payment over the phone, and a finance charge on commercial accounts.


Q:  How do I avoid the $3.00 processing fee when making a payment?

A:  Make an on-line payment through our website, or mail your payment to our P. O. Box address on your invoice.


For answers to your questions, please see our Contact Page for the direct phone numbers and emails of our team members who can help you.